Happy Guru Purnima

When my tiny fingers moved through the grains of rice, I could have never asked for anything better than today. Your lap was the support and the very first words ‘Om Hari Shri Ganpataaye Namah’. The first walk holding your fingers leading me ahead today, the first kiss on my cheeks teaching me love, the first hug creating an affection in me. Throughout being the light of inspiration, the path of courage, the sky of knowledge, the grounds of humanity. My gurus, Amma and Appa, Thank you.

A blessing to my loneliness, the meaning of brotherhood to life. Standing with me like the pillar, teaching me the true spirit of confidence. Learning from you the very aspects of life, the belief you provide, the love you share. My guru, Sreejith, Thank you.

From rhymes to rhythms, from children to individual, the growth is tangible. The communication of first desk with black board, from chalk to pen, from freshers to farwell, from books to bucks, the journey that laid the path to enlightenment and encouragement is evident. My gurus, Teachers and Professors, Thank you.

The pat on the back, the voice of togetherness, being one and fun, that heals the scars of emptiness. Sharing and caring, loving and bearing, joy and tears, no matter how far we are, the distance is not a separation. The wave that lengths to happy zones. Without whom, I am incomplete. With whom, I can change the beat. My guru, Friends and Colleagues, Thank you.

The nature that we surround, the people that we are around, the young, the old, the strong, the weak, the living, the non-living, all forms that speak. Knowledge is what all of them provide, application is the thought that we should abide. My gurus, Everyone and Everything. Thank you.

Thank you God.

Happy Guru Purnima

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Happy Guru Purnima

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