About me

About me

I started my graduation owing to my interest in creating things and the ability to watch my ideas build into reality

Well, this won’t be the regular “about me” pages which you are familiar with, around the web. Simply, because I don’t know to write one! With perfect grammar, heavy words and boasting about yourself, I don’t want to be the “I” write and “you” read thing. So this about me will be like the rest of my blog, very casual.

To begin with, I will explain my tagline ‘Creation is Creativity’. There is also a very good saying that, creation creates you; its so true. I believe that to create anything, it requires some amount of creativity. Now creativity cannot be measured, so you can’t say this creation is less creative; it is variable from person to person. Knowingly or unknowingly, people use their creativity to create something. Whether it be cooking, making websites, movies, building structures, composing music etc. everything requires creativity. More or less, we can say that creative people share a common interest: urge to create. This brought me to learn several things, none connected to my current field, but connected to the common interest!

When I was in ninth standard, we brought home our first computer; the trigger to creation. My elder brother was studying IT and I always looked upon him, writing several codes and making something. I was really amazed that with few lines of some rubbish (at first sight), I could control anything on my computer. From there I started to learn C and C++ in the tiny turbo C editor and learned many programs and also created my own. My quest to learn more didn’t stop. It was fueled, when we got an internet connection and from there I never looked back. Whatever languages and programs came to my sight, I absorbed it. By the time I reached my 12th, I knew to create websites with PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript. I started amateur blogs with every blogging platform available. Made plugins, code snippets etc. Thus, my love for coding still exists, its concepts in mind and I relish it.

In my 11th, I came across a few friends who were interested in acting and wanted to make films. I also had this interest in movies and writing. I thought of a storyline, with no dialogues or whatsoever, and started to shoot. With a tiny mobile, on-spot dialogues and no great actors, we made a short film and uploaded on youtube. We were amazed to see the end product and so were others! They appreciated the script and screenplay, which was an inspiration to create more such films. Now, many things have changed. There are DSLR’s, well written scripts, characters, locations, etc. Though we haven’t moved into professional film making, we make movies for passion and to see the world create through our perspective. We don’t care about our subscriber list, we care about impact.

Finally, about my career, my field: Architecture. What was the ultimate field of creation? Ultimate creation of world? the answer was architecture! Architecture has the power to create a space, design the world in real. What else would I demand? Well to talk about my experiences here, I need to complete my education first. All my experiences here would be share with you, to the world, through this blog. From my student career to professional one, I would be sharing everything with you. You can browse through my portfolios, articles, travelogues, movies and much more to come. This category is never to cease. Happy reading!