Software Training

Software skills are as important as drafting skills in our design career. With advancement in technology, it has become necessary that each and every individual joining the industry needs to know various types of softwares required for various jobs.

Nowadays there are softwares for panel composition, simple modelling, advance modelling, building information modelling(BIM), rendering, animation, visual effects and many others. It is expected that you are hands-on with atleast one software in each of the category.

Features of this course

  • This training course is designed by me especially for architecture and design students.
  • This course covers every important aspects and detail of softwares and how to get the best from it.
  • Each chapter gives in-depth knowledge and working of commands and tools, so that you are able to make anything which you can visualize.
  • A major difference between this course and others available in market is that this course is designed specifically for architecture and various drawings which you will need to produce during your career.

Classes are conducted every week on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact me more information.

Following are the courses conducted:(images are for representation purpose only)

Architectural Rendering (Basic)

Create stunning renders of site plans, floor plans sections and other drawings using only Photoshop. Basic knowledge of Photoshop necessary.




Architectural Rendering (Advanced)

Merging all the stills from sketchup and Vray into Photoshop, learn to create high quality visuals of site plan, sections, views etc. Learn how to create renders in Vray and post composite it in Photoshop.




Photoshop complete

In-depth knowledge about Photoshop’s tools and effects. Learn how to make portfolios, panel compositions, Poster making, graphic designing etc.





Google Sketchup Advanced

Learn how to model from simple buildings and structures to complex shapes, adding components, styling sketchup models for presentation, Geo location and many more in this complete course.





Autodesk Autocad

Learn 2D drafting, commands and tools and correct way of drafting in Autocad. Tips and tricks on how to draw complex shapes, and how to make autocad drawings presentable.






Autodesk Revit Architecture

Know the basics of building information modelling(BIM) in revit, learn the different tools and commands, Families, model components and drafting components, overriding model space and many other things.



Lumion 3D

Learn live realistic rendering in Lumion. Learn how to apply materials, manage its texture, adding objects, selecting viewpoints, adding effects and making it presentable. You should know any modelling software so as to import the model into lumion and render it.





Sketchup- VRAY

Learn to create amazing renderings of exterior and interior in Vray-sketchup. Learn how to add materials, import materials, add lights, vray settings for different scene and post compositing etc. You need to know sketchup before joining this course.





After Effects Beginners

Learn to create videos, add various visual effects, transitions, title entries, and many other things to make a complete short film, video series, title series, walkthroughs etc.




Classes are conducted every week on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact me more information.

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