Fisherman’s Village: Is it worth the leisure visit?

A lovely weekend getaway located on the outskirts of Mumbai with a fine blend of fun and leisure suitable for family, bachelors, foodies, photographers and nature lovers!

It’s been a while that people have been asking me about my trip to fisherman village. This post will answer all their questions, from rates to facilities and my review at the end with all the pros and cons.

Picturesque scenery from the cottage

The picturesque background carried away many hearts from my whatsapp statuses and replies started to drop in. That very time I decided that this place is worth a blog post and everyone must visit this place once if they live in Mumbai.

An early morning click flaunting the calm waters and cottages

So this resort is located in Saphale, a growing town in Palghar district. The location itself is very dear to nature. So here’s how you reach there:

  • If traveling by train: Board a Dahanu bound train on western railway and get down at Saphale. The average frequency of trains is half and hour from Virar station and travelling time is roughly 20 mins. Once at Saphale, board a private rikshaw or a Tum tum if you are a large group. Rickshaws charge you around Rs. 200.
  • If traveling by car: Drive from the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway and get in from Saphale phata. Follow the main road.

The check in time is 12pm so we reached the spot at around 11.30pm. They have nice small reception cum dining hall which is air conditioned and welcoming. It gives a clear view of the lake and the various spots, enough to make you excited for the stay. After the documentation, the keys were handed over to us and we headed for the room.

Front view of the cottage

There are 3 typologies of rooms which are located along the three sides of the lake. Our room overlooked the lake and the trees far away giving it the feel of Kashmir! The room sits just above the lake, constructed out of wooden planks and supported by steel base. The room can accomodate maximum 5 people. This room costs Rs. 4000 per night with boating, fishing and swimming inclusive. There’s a breakfast complementary for the next day with this package. We have to bear the lunch and dinner costs.

Boating along the trees

After checking in, we had a quick lunch. We loved the prawn tawa fry and is a recommended dish whenever you visit here. It’s very spicy and tasty. The chicken recipes were mediocre. If you are seafood lover, I recommend to try all the seafood items as they all are fresh and tasty. Post lunch, we dived straight into the pool and enjoyed the swim till 5 in the evening.

View of swimming pool

The sun had started to set in, and was an ideal time for boating. It was a four person paddle boat. You can wade around the entire lake clicking the pictures of the scenery with the setting sun shining in the backdrop.

Silhouette in the evening

The night time is ‘your’ time. You have complete privacy to enjoy your stay. This time can be utilised to party, have a drink or a romantic dinner besides the lake. As a family, we had a wonderful dinner with only seafood dishes and spent some time relaxing at the swings, playing carrom and pool. (Yes you have a pool table!!)

Wading through the waters….

We woke up early and once again went for a boat ride to freshen up. The buffet breakfast was served later on. It was a good breakfast which included egg burji, bread, upma and poha. We tried our luck at fishing therafter and with few unsuccessful attempts, my Mom finally caught a fish in the hook.

Fish in the hook!!!

Finally, we checked out at 11pm and boarded the return train of 12pm. Do remember to note the mobile number of the ricksha waala which brought you here so that you can call him when you check out.

My Review:


  • Excellent backdrop and surroundings.
  • Lovely wooden cottages alongside the lake.
  • There is a G+1 bungalow constructed in the shape of a boat named as boat house. It is for 15 persons and costs Rs. 12,000. But it’s worth it.
  • Tasty seafood and good management.
  • Beer shop available.
  • Swimming pool, fishing, boating makes a great addon
  • Swimming pool also has a paddle pool for kids.
  • The smile on our faces, after experiencing this, which matters most.


  • There was a minor water leakage issue in the toilet due to which we were running out of water most of the time. But this doesn’t mean all the rooms are bad.
  • Nights are a standstill if you don’t opt to party yourself. There’s no activity such as bonfire, music show etc.

Fisherman’s Vi…

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