Sutta Punav – An Auspicious Day

Perfroming Sandhya Vandan

My brother Sreejith Kini and I performing ‘Sandhya Vandan’ after changing jannuvo

Today was an auspicious day for all our Konkani community. Yes, ‘Sutta Punav’. It is an occasion celebrated among GSB(Gowd Saraswat Brahmins), where men change the existing ‘Sacred Thread’ with a new one. This sacred thread is called as ‘Jannuvo’ in Konkani. It is worn on the left shoulder, across the chest, towards the right hip. ‘Brahmopadesham’ is a ceremony, where men wear jannuvo for the first time. It is worn in a cluster of three(3 threads form one jannuvo) and signifies the new phase of life called ‘Brahmacharyam’. When a man gets married, he replaces this three threads with six, which signifies the end of his ‘Brahmacharyam’.

Our day started with a holy bath. My dad, thereafter, went to a GSB community office, where these sacred threads were worshipped before deities. Meanwhile, at home, my mom was preparing a special delicious breakfast. My brother and I performed ‘Naama’, applying ‘Gopichandana’ on our forehead and across the body. We replaced the old sacred threads with new ones by reciting ‘Gayatri Mantra’, followed by ‘Achamana’ and ‘Sandhya Vandan’. ‘Achamana’ is a practice of sipping water using ‘Tambe Chippat’(a copper spoon), as a process of purifying the internal body. ‘Sandhya Vandan’ is a practice that is performed on daily-basis by men after their Brahmopadesham, to deities and ‘Sun’ god.

'Ittu', a Konkani delicacy made by my mom Bindu Kini

‘Ittu’, a Konkani delicacy made by my mom Bindu Kini

When it comes to food, today is the best day one can taste varieties. ‘Ittu’, a Konkani delicacy made of urad dal was served with sambar and chutney on a banana leaf, for breakfast. Then started, the process of making lunch. Konkani dishes include ‘Velvel(Kutumman)’, ‘Ghashi’, ‘Upkari’, ‘Kele fodi’, ‘Edgayi(Achar)’, ‘Appolu(Papad)’, ‘Alle(Ginger recipe)’, ‘Daali Toy’ and ‘Rice’. ‘Payasu(Kheer)’ and ‘Kele Ambat(Banana sweet dish)’ was served at the end, making it a complete meal. All the credit goes to my mom for this yummy feast. Before having this food, we served it to crows, an offering we do to our ‘Pritrukal’.

Sutta Punav - Delicious Feast

Delicious feast on occasion of Sutta Punav, made by my mom Bindu Kini

Today is a day when family comes together with joy and happiness. A day, when you understand and rejoice in your values and tradition. Wishing you all a very ‘Happy Sutta Punav’.

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