Battle Won – Hard work and the ‘X’ factor

Battle won – Hard work and the ‘X’ factor

And this is how it ends. Jaw dropping innings and heart throbbing moments.

It was hard for both the teams and they fought their maximum. True sportsmanship and the hunger to take the cup home was commendable.

The turning point that took the ball to the boundary is called as the ‘X’ factor. We as humans do not believe in this ‘X’ factor until we witness it. ‘X’ factor has no proof of concept, ‘X’ factor has no theorem to get justified. And that makes ‘X’ factor to be unique and unknown but sometimes called ‘luck’ or ‘kismat’ or ‘taqdeer’.

Does ‘X’ factor come to you without hardwork? No, not at all. ‘X’ factor cannot sustain without hardwork. ‘X’ factor acts like a catalyst. That space between the Hard Work and Result lies the ‘X’ factor which can change the reaction. Unbelievable but true.

A tough game battle won. Congratulations to England. Hard luck to New Zealand.

Sreenesh Ramesh Bindu Kini

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