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And it’s all about action. Many of the action sequences are well choreographed and executed by the leading actors. Hrithik and Tiger. Both have their own charisma, style and determination.

First half truly builds up a good storyline which is gripping and keep us engaged. First half has all those elements right from smart acting, emotions and connect with the audience. Director and writer definitely makes sure to create the characters. Hrithik’s personaa in the first half, right from his entry till the interval is heart throbbing and very different. Equally, Tiger shines bright and power packed in front of Hrithik.

The song ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ is in the first half and it is a delight to watch both of them dancing in one frame though song was really small and that makes me wonder why so? There could have been more dance, especially from Hrithik as more moves are choreographed for Tiger.

Second half brings in twists and turns, some of them are pretty good but again somewhere we find characterization and story getting affected. I cannot reveal the story but the motive and emotions that were designed for both the characters get out of the scope slowly. 

Vaani is good at her role but again her role in the movie though tries to create emotions lacks authenticity, not because of her acting but due to dropping storyline. Her acting was good.

Climax could have been much more impactful. 

As a summary, visuals of the entire movie are stunning. Action is stunning. Hrithik and Tiger will not disappoint you, they are indeed gems of this movie. 

What could have been better is the execution of the content in the second half and trying to justify the very shown elements taking time and effort in writing and editing them well.

Overall, a solid masala entertainer, with Bollywood’s two biggest heros confronting each other with cool and magnificent power within them. Give it a watch for efforts that actors have put.

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