Aunnatya: Architectural Housing Design Portfolio

If the housing is successful to provide Quality of Living after the routine activities of work and transportation, it would be considered the best housing solution here.

Semester 7 is all about housing. If its not, then atleast it feels to be such. I was eagerly waiting for a housing design problem, because its close to my heart. Simple reason: everyone needs a home. Not every person visit a rejuvenation center or a convention center; but Housing is something different. It is looked upon by everyone and is a basic primary need. So it started with a site in Virar, which had potential for a unique architectural form. Primary agenda was: Making the home a better place to live, Provision of quality ambiance and attracting potential home buyers to live here.

The semester was short, I got very less time to discuss with my professors the ideas and incorporating it in my plans. The design concept was extremely complex for me. Reason: I was opting for a unique form and secondly, a different approach to housing units. It was a tough time for me as well as others to understand the structure. The final result, I believe was very good. The final renders were not as good as my earlier renders, but were satisfying.

Have a look at my portfolio and do write your reviews.

Here are some renders from the portfolio:

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Aunnatya: Architectu…

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