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Semi-open space as an identity

This was the final semester of architectural design, after which we would never get a chance to design of our own will on a common design brief. Also this stood as the final studio where we could experiment something new, because the next semester would be the “serious” design dissertation. The topic demanded an artistic approach which further fueled my wish to pursue something fresh. So this time, the ideas went contemporary with fluid artistic forms keeping my architectural philosophies in mind. (You can check out my portfolio directly here or continue reading further)

Project site view

Being a school, it would have more of standard areas and definitions, which wouldn’t be preferable to play with. So the only spaces left for me was the semi open areas and public congregational areas. The idea initiated with creating architectural character and visual interest in such places- semi open spaces as an identity. Secondly the connectivity and transition between such spaces would be seamless with the built form. This also extends to the fluid seamless nature of the form. The requirements were properly segregated according to their functions and flow. If you go through the design, you would find the semi open pockets designed with utmost care. The staircase was modified to form a public character comprising of multiple activities.

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Please have a look below for my portfolio and do give your precious reviews and comments. All comments and critics are appreciated. Thankyou!!

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