Proposed Rejuvenation Center at Vasai: Architectural design portfolio

The temple / meditation hall, an iconic structure of the center

The site was located off the Western express highway near Vasai, and was a gentle contour site. The backdrop of Tungareshwar hills formed a scenic view with lush greenery around the place. This Rejuvenation center acknowledges the nature’s gift and, thus, builds from ‘Earth’. The place exists on the principles of ancient healthy working of society, integrating architecture, environment and one’s lifestyle to replenish a healthy mind and soul.

Three dimensional site massing and layout view

The natural slope of the site was utilized to create a view point and a central east-west axis for a sense of direction. It was necessary to create a majestic focal point which encloses all the energy in itself, as such spaces support the healing of mind and body. This iconic element was the ‘temple’, which stood on the central axis, almost visible from all major points. The temple, is the place for meditation only, and does not house any religious aspects. This temple form was derived from a pyramid, which is considered as one of the most stable forms. It blends with a geodesic dome on the inside to cast a contemporary temple/meditation hall with climate responsive features.

View of the temple on the major axis

On the same major central axis, towards the road, lies a public garden where, non-members can enter and meditate in the open air under the guidance of the center. Other promotional activities of the center can also be carried out in this garden with temple as an iconic imagery. The center is planned in such a way so as to create visual frames and pockets of spaces surrounding the structure.

The Public garden

The landscape pockets are created with the combination of ramps and stairs, consisting of areas for seating, flowering bushes and shady trees. The pergolas at intermediate steps provides occasional relief from sun while walking. Treatment rooms have huge full size windows facing the courtyard for a pleasant serene experience to patients during the treatment.

View of one of the landscape pockets. (Inset) A combination of ramps and stairs, creating pockets of transitional nodes between structures.

The accommodation block has varied options for a comfortable stay on single and twin sharing basis, or private cottage. The yoga area and the terraces of the accommodation building is topped with tensioned synthetic roofing for shade. The primary building material of all structures except temple is, compressed stabilized earth blocks (CSEB), which is eco-friendly and sustainable building material.

Accommodation block

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