We are not Winners, but Warriors

We are not Winners, but Warriors

It’s hard to believe. We are upset. We are angry. We are broken. But we fought. We rose like the mountain. We gave it tough, not only today but throughout. Yesterday we were winners, but today we are warriors.

It’s a lesson that we learn from life. Being at the top is not so easy. It goes through lots of responsibility, lots of dedication, lots of hard work. We played hard, but they were much harder. We played strong, but they were much stronger.

To be No. 1 is a challenge. To sustain is a challenge. To overcome is a challenge. And we tried our best.

Call it a wrong strategy or call it destiny, it’s a game where one has to win and the other has to lose. And what remains with us is the cheering moments with a what if question – ‘Kaash Dhoni agar run out nahi hota toh, shayad khel kuch aur hi hota’.

It’s not the time to blame, it’s not the time to teach cricket. It’s the time to learn what went wrong and come back with bigger forces. We are strong and we are waiting with all smiles.

Team India, we are proud of you.

A Proud Indian – Sreenesh Ramesh Bindu Kini

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  1. Megha Sampat says:

    Very well said ❤️

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We are not Winners, …

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